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Teeth Whitening Methods

No matter how much we care and brush our teeth, we can actually face problems in maintaining the whiteness of our smile. This is why the demand for teeth whitening is increasing. Thus, it becomes possible to achieve white teeth, which is the secret of a more beautiful smile. Alright, What is teeth whitening? How is it done? Teeth whitening methods What are they? Ankara teeth whitening and more in our content.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Color changes occur in our teeth due to reasons such as not brushing teeth after meals, smoking and alcohol consumption. If the necessary sensitivity is not shown to brushing, the stains formed on the teeth become permanent and cannot be prevented by brushing anymore. In this case, teeth whitening is needed. Alright, What is teeth whitening? Discoloration of the enamel and dentin layer of the tooth, as well as stains, occur due to reasons such as not showing sensitivity to tooth brushing and heavy smoking. Applications carried out to remove discoloration and stains are also called teeth whitening. For this, different methods are used according to tooth structure and color change. Each of the methods has factors that will make the tooth whiter.

How Is Teeth Whitening Made?

Teeth whitening, also called bleaching, is an application that has a great psychological impact on people's lives. Because white teeth will be the most important key to a confident smile. In addition, it is extremely valuable to whiten teeth in order not to face tooth decay and tooth loss in the future. Alright, How is teeth whitening done? Now let's talk about the process.

  • Before the whitening process, the person's mouth and tooth structure are examined.
  • After the examination, it is decided which type of whitening is suitable for the teeth of the person.
  • A suitable plan is created and the bleaching process is performed.
  • After the whitening process, the controls are carried out and the application ends.

There are various methods that you can apply at home to whiten teeth. It is desired to be successful in this way with different cures. But the result will most likely be frustration. Because now, different applications are required to eliminate stereotyped color differences. So what are they? Teeth whitening applications which ones? We will talk about these.

Teeth Whitening Methods

The removal of organic or inorganic discolorations in the enamel and dentin layer of the tooth with tooth whitening gels or its application and whitening the tooth is called tooth whitening. There are two different methods to perform this operation. One is home bleaching performed at home, while the other is office bleaching performed in a clinical setting. Now teeth whitening methods Let's try to give more detailed information about it.

Home Bleaching

teeth whitening at home Home bleaching, which is also expressed as, is among the most commonly used bleaching methods. In this method, plaques are prepared in accordance with the patient's mouth and teeth structure and the patient is expected to wear this plaque to his teeth at certain times of the day. Without going to the clinic, thanks to the plaques that need to be worn for an average of a few hours, teeth whitening at home operation can be performed. These transparent plaques are delivered to the patient together with tubes containing whitening agent. Thanks to the whitening method applied on the days and times determined by the dentist, the permanent color changes on the teeth will be eliminated. Thus, an important step will be taken for a white smile.

Office Bleaching

One of the most effective whitening methods office whiteningSince it is performed in a clinical setting, more effective results can be obtained. Before the whitening process, tartar cleaning must be done in order to achieve a more effective whitening. Another name for the method is laser teeth whitening. After a special whitening gel is applied to the teeth, the gel is activated by laser and whiteness is obtained in this way. In addition, since results are obtained in a shorter time compared to other bleaching methods, it is preferred more frequently. It takes an average of 30 minutes, and protective glasses are worn to protect the patient's eyes during the procedure.

Combined Teeth Whitening

It has emerged with the use of both bleaching methods together. According to this method, first of all, bleaching is performed in the clinical setting. After the procedure is completed, an average of 2 to 3 days of home bleaching is applied. There are various plaques in this process. The patient is expected to apply these plaques to his teeth in a programmed manner. Due to the combination of both methods combined teeth whitening It has been frequently preferred recently.

What are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening?

We want to whiten our teeth for many different reasons, such as not avoiding our smile, smiling comfortably and feeling comfortable in the environments we go to. Because although we brush our teeth regularly, we cannot actually prevent the formation of tartar. Especially in smoking, alcohol and excessive consumption of tea or coffee, this risk increases even more. That's why we want to whiten teeth. So, what advantages does it have?

  • Teeth that are whitened are less likely to develop cavities.
  • You feel more comfortable in the environments you enter with a white smile.
  • With tooth brushing, it becomes possible to get rid of stains on teeth that do not go away.

Teeth whitening, which provides the above advantages, has a great role in the social life of the patient. For this reason, it is extremely valuable for people who have permanent stains on their teeth and suffer from this condition.

What are the Harms of Teeth Whitening?

It should not be forgotten that there are certain disadvantages as well as advantages in every treatment. For this reason, it is possible to mention that if the right procedure is not performed in teeth whitening, various harms may occur. So what are they?

  • After the whitening process, a little sensitivity may occur in the teeth. For this reason, you may be faced with a sensitivity to cold or heat. However, this is temporary. Sensitivity begins to disappear 2 to 3 days after the application.
  • Trying to whiten with gels and drugs that are not under the control of a physician can lead to tooth loss.
  • Teeth that are constantly whitened may become thinner. This can cause the teeth to be vulnerable to impacts, break or crack.

Is teeth whitening harmful? This question can be answered in this way. From this point of view, teeth whitening should not be done by non-specialist physicians or unconsciously based on hearsay information.

Teeth Whitening Prices 2023

We want our teeth to be white. No matter how hard we try, we cannot prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth in most cases. in this case teeth whitening methods extremely advantageous. Alright, teeth whitening prices How much? How is it determined?

  • discoloration of teeth,
  • tooth structure,
  • whitening method,
  • How many sessions will be applied,
  • The gels used
  • Considering the additional demands, teeth whitening prices 2023determined by the year.

White teeth, which have an important effect on making your smile aesthetically pleasing, teeth whitening treatments can be achieved through However, you should definitely get support from specialist dental clinics for this, and you should not use any medication, application or gel that is not under the control of your doctor.

Ankara Teeth Whitening

Having healthy teeth and gums is just as important as having white teeth. That's why there are various whitening applications in dental clinics. Ankara teeth whitening The option is also very advantageous. In this way, you will be able to have white teeth with Sevgi Savaş Akbaş's high-level whitening methods.

You will witness your smile turn white with the controls made before the whitening process, the most suitable whitening application for your tooth structure and the controls made afterwards. Therefore teeth whitening uk It is often preferred in cities such as In addition, in this process, your dentist, Sevgi Savaş Akbaş, will examine your tooth structure and determine the most suitable roadmap for you. Thus, you will have the chance to have white teeth.

Teeth whitening methods Thanks to this, you have the chance to eliminate the discoloration of your teeth. However, the priority for this is to choose the right clinic. Here is this advantage Ankara teeth whitening with the clinic. For this, you can contact immediately and learn the process, make an appointment and take the first step for your white teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?
Teeth whitening, which is not a harmful application, is carried out with methods suitable for the tooth structure. However, the issue to be considered is to get the most accurate applications from the most accurate clinic. Otherwise, deterioration in the tooth structure will occur and processes leading to tooth loss will be encountered.
2What are Teeth Whitening Applications?
The most popular teeth whitening applications are; It draws attention as Home Type Whitening and Office Type Whitening. Your doctor will determine the most appropriate application for you in this process.
3En popüler diş beyazlatma uygulamaları; Ev Tipi Beyazlatma ve Ofis Tipi Beyazlatma olarak dikkat çekmektedir. Hekiminiz bu süreçte sizin için en doğru olan uygulamayı belirleyecektir. En İyi Diş Beyazlatma Yöntemi Hangisidir?
Since the content of each teeth whitening method is different from each other, it is not possible to talk about the best. For this reason, a process that is suitable for your tooth structure must be determined. Your dentist will then specify the right method for you.